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The way old iron rods in 60 minutes

GPH Steel has invested Tk 2,400 crore in their new crocodile factory at Sitakunda in Chittagong.
Old iron pieces are burning in the furnace. At a temperature of 1,600 degrees, a piece of iron melts and turns into a liquid like water. In this way pure liquid iron is made in a special process by refining for a long time in two steps. This liquid iron takes another step in the heated billet. And while the billet is hot, it automatically travels a long way to the factory and comes out in the form of a rod. In all, it takes 60 minutes.
Meanwhile, as soon as the rod is made, it is being hauled to the waiting car with the help of a crane at the end of the factory. And the cars are going to different parts of the country. Recently, such a scene has been seen on the spot in the GPH steel factory located at Kumia in Sitakunda, Chittagong. The state-of-the-art factory in the country is automatically making rods using such technology, the second in the world and the first in Asia.

A group of journalists were recently hired at GPH’s new factory to show the rod production method in the new technology. After touring the factory, the entrepreneurs of the company spoke. They also answered various questions of the journalists.

During a visit to the factory, GPH officials told reporters that the use of Quantum Electric Arc Furnace and Winlink technology could make a rod with a diameter of 6 mm in just 60 minutes. They said that it is not possible to make rods in such a short time and directly in the conventional method. Harmful sulfur and phosphorus are brought down to a minimum through the use of this technology, officials said. It can be used to make high power rods. The value of the rod is also pure. However, the factory is now producing rods with a diameter of 8 to 50 mm. The company is also supplying various steel products as per the demand of the customers. GPH has also started supplying rods to specialized projects in the country.
Mohammad Jahangir Alam, chairman of GPH Steel, told reporters after visiting the factory that the lower the sulfur and phosphorus during rod making, the better the quality. Without electric arc furnace and winlink technology it is not possible to ensure this maximum standard. Again, the use of higher power rods in any installation than conventional rods also reduces the cost. This is because it takes less rod. Many countries around the world are emphasizing the use of rods and steel products made in this technology to build sustainable infrastructure.

Officials said that the factory started production on a trial basis in 2020. Commercial production started from June 21, 2021. The new factory has the capacity to produce 840,000 tons of billets and 840,000 tons of rods annually. The annual production capacity of GPH steel, including new and old factories, stands at 1 million tons of billets and 860,000 tons of rods. Production is being gradually increased according to capacity. 2,400 crore has been invested in the new factory.