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The lowest transaction of the year in the Houston City 2022 market

Trading in the stock market has gone down even further. The country’s main stock exchange, the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), witnessed the slowest trading of the year on Wednesday. The turnover on the DSE was Tk 490 crore. This is the lowest transaction so far this year. Investors are worried about the sudden fall in turnover below Rs 500 crore.
Most of the stocks have been falling over the last few days along with the decline in transactions. This has led to a crisis in the shares of some companies. Even at the lowest prices of the day, buyers of shares of some companies do not match. As a result, investors are unable to sell their shares.

Speaking to the top executives of multiple brokerage houses trading in the stock market, it is learned that there is an investment drought in the market at the moment. Most of the institutional and individual investors are not active in the market now. Again, many people’s money is stuck due to the fall in share prices. As a result, they are not able to be active in regular market transactions. Due to this, the market has declined.
Meanwhile, the newly listed company JMI Hospital Require Manufacturing was still at the top of the price rise in the recession. Even today, the company’s shares have risen the most, that is, 10 percent. Despite the highest price increase of the day, only 1,022 shares of the company have been exchanged in the Dhaka market. In the initial public offering or IPO, a large portion of those who received shares of the company retained their shares without selling them. As a result, there has been a severe crisis in its market share.

Most of the companies that have changed hands on DSE today have lost their bids. On this day 365 companies traded in the Dhaka market. Of these, 293 or 6 percent have dropped. Prices rose by only 44 percent or 12 percent and remained unchanged at 36 or 10 percent. The index also declined along with the fall in share prices. The main index of DSE, DSEX, has come down by 32 points to 6,062 points