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Bunting shortage looms as platinum jubilee revelers scramble for supplies

Bunting is an essential ingredient at any street or garden party, but fears are now running high for the Queen’s platinum anniversary celebrations amid a scramble for party supplies.

Patriotic shoppers have been picking up bunks, party hats and cake stairs in huge volumes for the holiday weekend. However, the huge spike in sales had caught some retailers by surprise, leading to some products being completely sold out.
The Onbuy retail market said Jubilee Paraphernalia such as a 20ft ream of union flagging costing £4 sold out, while button badges, Union Jack Table deckhouses and fancy dress props sold in large numbers.
It is estimated that 39 million adults will do something to celebrate the anniversary, with 4.1 million families attending a street party. Tamreen Hasan, Party Supplies’ Onbuy category manager, said sales showed Britons were frantically preparing for next weekend’s festivities.

“The rate at which people are buying Jubilee Weekend Essentials is truly amazing, it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen,” she said.
“The public has gone mad. If sales maintain their current rate, we could very well see a shortage of certain items as the parties get closer, with bunting at the top of the list. †

The good news is that if you can’t find bunting in stores, you can always make your own. Aisha Cluitt, the content marketing manager at HobbyCraft, said you could sew, knit, or make paper and twine bunting, with free guides on the website.

You can also turn it into a half-term art project for your kids, Cluitt suggested. “Paper bunting projects are very easy and can be completed with some cardboard, twine and a hole punch.