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AHA supports CMS’s recommendation to delay the Radiation Oncology Model

The American Hospitals Association supports the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ proposal to delay the start of January 2023 on the Radiation Oncology Model to a date determined by future rules, the association told the agency today.

Commenting on the proposed rule for the model, AHA said it strongly supports CMS’s efforts to radically change the delivery of cancer care. We also support the original intent of the DE Model, which was to protect access to care by ensuring a fair and predictable payment. for radiation oncologists. However, this important goal of the original DE Model has been undermined by significant payment cuts and administrative burdens for those participating in this mandatory model. “

The AHA urged the agency to consider incorporating the previously proposed changes if the model evolves in the future, including “adopting a much fairer risk-to-reward equation.