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Abdur Rahim runs out of cooking rice and takes his family to the OMS line

Abdur Rahim could not buy rice despite waiting in line for hours in front of the goods selling (OMS) truck in open bazaar for three consecutive days. Yesterday, Monday, like the fourth day, all the family came together. Because there was no cooking rice at home that day. Therefore, he stood in line with his family so that he would not have to return without buying rice that day.

He was spoken to on the line of OMS in Mohammadpur Town Hall area of the capital on Monday afternoon. Abdur Rahim told Prothom Alo, “I returned without getting rice for the last three days. The rice ran out before it was my turn to line up. That’s why I stood in line at eight o’clock this morning. I brought my wife and two children with me. So that I can buy rice and return, that’s why I brought the whole family.’

At around 12:30 in the afternoon when talking with the construction worker Abdur Rahim. He still did not receive the product. Was waiting in line. His wife, son and daughter are also there. He is the sole earner in a family of four. Mohammadpur lives in a rented house on Zakir Hossain Road. Income 10 to 15 thousand taka per month. Out of that 6000 taka has to be paid for house rent.

Abdur Rahim also said, ‘Now my family can’t survive with my monthly income. Money has to be sent to the village for the parents. Due to this, there is tension in the family. At the end of the month there is no money at all. Then buy less, eat less.
Talking to Abdur Rahim, it was also learned that 20 to 25 thousand taka was spent on medical expenses of a seven-year-old boy last month due to kidney complications. Borrowed then. The pressure increased. A 10-month-old girl can’t even put any nutritious food in her mouth due to the high prices of daily commodities. He told Prothom Alo that he is always haunted by that regret as a father.

It was his turn to talk to Abdur Rahman, who was struggling to survive in the struggle of life due to the increase in commodity prices. He hurriedly went to buy rice. Then his wife Rokeya Begum told Prothom Alo, “She didn’t want to let him come today because she didn’t get rice for the last few days. Because you have to come here and stand. It causes loss of work. But there is no cooking rice at home. I had to come for this.’

Around 1.30 pm, Abdur Rahim received 5 kg of subsidized rice sold in the OMS truck. He had to buy this rice at Tk 30 per kg. After getting the rice, the whole family stood on the side of the road and took a breath. A touch of happiness in the eyes and face. After ten minutes, Abdur Rahim walked home with his family. Everyone in the family walked quickly. Because, back home, OMS will cook lunch.