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Zakir gave 568 eggs to buyers for free after Messi won the World Cup

Zakir saw the cup in Messi’s hand and spoke. He said, if Messi’s Argentina gets the World Cup, he will give 4 eggs per cage (30 eggs) to the buyer for free throughout the day. Seeing the cup in Messi’s hand at night, he kept his word today on Monday. He sold 142 cage eggs from 12 noon to 5 pm. In this he gave 568 eggs for free.

Zakir Hossain’s (36) home is in Kuchiamora village of Bheramara upazila in Kushtia. His eggs are sold in the village market. Argentina football team fans were very excited about this Zakir Hussain World Cup final game. Before the start of the game, he promised that if Argentina won the World Cup, he would give a special discount on the sale of eggs from Monday morning to afternoon. Zakir announced to give one hali (four) eggs free of cost for every cage egg sold at fair price. He gave this opportunity to the people of the area just because he loves Messi.

When Zakir was spoken to on the phone in the evening, he said that there was a market on Monday, so he sold fish from morning to 12 noon. Sold eggs from 12 noon to 5 pm. During this time he sold 142 cage eggs. Then the eggs are finished. He gave away 568 eggs free of cost for selling 142 cage eggs.

Local youth SM Raonak said, many people come to see Zakir in the shop besides buying eggs. People appreciate Zakir’s love for Argentina football team. He himself bought eggs from Zakir.

Zakir Hossain told Prothom Alo that he cried watching the game at night. Goals are being scored, and counter-goals are being scored. This was going on and he was crying. But he was happy to have the last laugh.

Regarding the lack of profit in the sale of eggs today, he said, love is not calculated by profit or loss. Love is priceless. His beloved team won the World Cup after so many days, fulfilled the wishes of millions of people, so he shared the joy as much as possible.

Zakir studied up to class VII. Then it didn’t happen anymore. Playing and watching football is addictive. He has been a fan of Argentina since childhood. He sells fish in the market two days a week. For the remaining five days, he sold the eggs. This is how his family runs. There is a wife, a son and a daughter in the family.