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The Student Rights Council wants the resignation of the principal of DU’s Zia Hall

Chhatra Odhikar Parishad has demanded the resignation of Dhaka University Freedom Fighter Ziaur Rahman Hall Principal Mohammad Billal Hossain in connection with handing over a student to the police on charges of ‘anti-state activities and involvement with militant organisations’. But the principal claims that he did the right thing. The police released the student in the afternoon as they did not find anything to file a case.

The authorities handed over the student of political science department named Meftahul Maruf to the police on Thursday midnight. Later on Friday afternoon, the police released him after not finding ‘sufficient material’ in the case After freeing Meftahul, students’ rights council leaders Salehuddin Sifat and Ahnaf Syed Khan were attacked on their way to TSC from Shahbag police station. The council alleged that BCL leaders and workers were involved in the attack.

However, Saddam Hossain, the general secretary of the university branch of the Chhatra League, has claimed that the Chhatra League has no involvement in the whole incident.

Student rights council held a protest rally at the foot of Dhaka University’s Raju Bhaskar this afternoon in protest against the attack of BLA terrorists on Salehuddin-Ahnaf on the way to bring the student to the police station with false allegations made by the freedom fighter Ziaur Rahman hall principal and to demand the resignation of the hall principal. There, the organization’s central president Bin Yamin Molla and general secretary Ariful Islam urged the principal to resign quickly.

Bin Yamin Molla said, “Those who laid hands on Salehuddin Sifat and Ahnaf Sayyed Khan, those hands will be burnt.” Chhatra League has become a monstrous machine. Students who are supposed to be loved like children, who are supposed to try to ensure a democratic environment in the university, the teachers are handing over the students to the police! What kind of humanity is it, what kind of democratic practice? We demand the resignation of the principal of Ziaur Rahman Hall.

General Secretary Ariful Islam said that the people involved in the attack on Salehuddin Sifat and Ahnaf Syed Khan should be brought to justice quickly. It is the administration’s responsibility to provide security to the students The Principal of Ziaur Rahman Hall should resign immediately for failure to pay it If he does not resign, Student Rights Council will continue the program

Meftaul Maruf, president of Dhaka University branch of Student Rights Council, Akhtar Hossain and General Secretary Akram Hussain, Literary Editor Zahid Ahsan and Drama Editor Nusrat Jahan spoke in the rally among others.
Participating in the rally called by Student Rights Council, victim student Meftaul Maruf said, “I am an ordinary student of the university, who never thought that I would be thrown out of the hall with any kind of tag.” As a student of political science, I took up a political talk, the gist of which is as follows – if an undesirable event happens during the tenure of a government, there can be a wide discussion behind whether that government is responsible for it or not. It is a political discourse Misinterpretation of this discussion somehow goes from our chat group to the hall branch Chhatra League They questioned it and misinterpreted it and took me to the hall administration Unfortunately, the Principal accepted the propaganda of the Chhatra League without any discrimination and handed me over to the police station through the Proctoral Body.
Meanwhile, the principal of Freedom Fighters Ziaur Rahman Hall Mohammad Billal Hossain said that despite the demand for resignation, he has nothing to say about it. This evening he told Prothom Alo, “They have the right to ask for my resignation.” I have nothing to say here What I have done, I think I have done it in the right way After sending the three concerned teachers, I have decided to look at the issues The complaint against him (Meftahul) is still under investigation. He claimed that this student has involvement with an organization banned in the university (Islami Chhatrashibir). There is no doubt about it

The principal said that Meftahul is not a resident student of the hall He further said, ‘When the teachers asked him (yesterday) about the complaint, he (Meftahul) did not help with any information. The conversation was as if he was trying to hide something.’