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The cherries are reminiscent of Andrew the teenager

Crazy cherries are blooming along a road divider in Rajshahi city. White, pink and purple cherries are talking! The song is floating in the gentle wind, ‘O foreigner, give me your cherry blossoms …. And its singer Andrew Kishore is lying in a grave near that road. Today is Wednesday, July 8, his second death anniversary. The impossibly beautiful cherries on the road from the city’s fire service junction to Bheripara are reminiscent of this play-back emperor.

Andrew Kishore spent his childhood in Rajshahi. In Rajshahi itself, Ustad Abdul Aziz Bachchu is the master of his music. For this reason, his attraction towards Rajshahi was different. He used to come back to Rajshahi. He has worked with ‘Ustad Abdul Aziz Bachchu Smriti Sangsad’. He used to organize concerts with the artists of remote areas of Rajshahi every three months to bring them up. Moinul Islam, general secretary of the Ustad Abdul Aziz Bachchu Smriti Sangsad, said they would distribute food among the children at an orphanage on Wednesday to mark the death anniversary of Andrew Kishore. In the evening, a memorial service will be held at the Ustad Abdul Aziz Bachchu Memorial Parliament.

Andrew Kishore’s brother-in-law, doctor Patrick Bipul Biswas, said that his son Joy Andrew Saptak and wife Lipika Andrew have already arrived in Rajshahi on the occasion of the death anniversary. They will go to the cemetery with family members around 4 pm on Wednesday. You will come to the church at quarter to six. The people of the society will be there. A mourning meeting will be held with them.