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Tanjila now sells 50 thousand taka per month

There was an opportunity to train in either of the two subjects. Making organic manure (vermicompost) with manure or earthworms. Tanjila Akhter chose ‘Vermi Compost’. But why? Tanjila said, ‘I already knew sewing. So I wanted to learn something new.

21-year-old Tanjila’s home is in Kaliganj upazila of Jhenaidah. He is in third year of Diploma in Laboratory Medicine at Institute of Health Technology, Jhenaidah.

Tanjila did not sit with training as a student. He trained in making earthworm fertilizers and started production at home. He started earning by selling fertilizer.

Later, with his elder brother Shakeel Hossain (22), he established ‘Entrepreneur Agro Farm’. The farm is located on the 24th century land near the agriculture office of Kaliganj upazila.

Now Tanjila looks at the direction of fertilizer production in the farm. Shakeel sees the aspect of selling fertilizer online.

Tanzila said that she received training for a period of three months (60 working days) in the first batch of Women’s Income Enhancement (IGA) training project at the upazila level of the Directorate of Women’s Affairs in 2018. Get Rs 6,000 as training allowance. From here he spends two thousand rupees and makes earthworm fertilizer at home.

Earthworms are the main ingredients for making earthworm fertilizer. According to the Department of Agricultural Extension, earthworm manure increases soil fertility. Increases the water holding capacity of the soil. The chemical fertilizers that are used in the land, also have to use organic fertilizers like earthworm manure to get good performance.

In the beginning, Tanjila started making fertilizer with one kg of earthworms. He was able to make 40 to 50 kg of fertilizer with this earthworm. Later he sold this fertilizer online.

Tanjila said, three years ago, due to the increase in sales, the production of fertilizer was taken from the backyard to a large-scale farm. Now there are about 100 kg of earthworms in the farm. These earthworms produce about four tons of fertilizer per month. Monthly income from sale of fertilizers is 40 to 50 thousand taka.

Tanjila’s father Nurul Islam, mother Parveena Banu. Tanjila is the younger of the two siblings. Dad owns a tea shop. Tanjila said, with the help of her father and brother, she managed to take the farm on a large scale. Because, they have been helping in various ways since the beginning.
Tanjila said, after a year of starting fertilizer production at home, he started large-scale work. Money was needed then. His father took a loan of one lakh rupees from Krishi Bank and gave it to him.

Shakil said, to take loan from Krishi Bank, you have to keep land or assets as collateral. There is land in father’s name. He took the loan by securing the land. This loan was gradually repaid from the proceeds of sale of fertilizers. Now a new loan of one and a half lakh taka has been taken through father.

Tanjila said that the farm now has to pay 25,000 rupees a year as rent. Small scale work is also done at home. A man has been hired to assist in the work.

About the sale of fertilizer, Shakil said, rice and vegetable farmers buy this fertilizer. Those who garden also take. Vermicompost should be applied once a year in paddy fields. 3 to 5 kg of fertilizer is required per hundred acres of land. Vermicompost should be applied after every time vegetables are harvested. Fertilizers are needed more if the land is not fertile. This fertilizer is sold more online.

IGA project vermi compost, mushroom and beekeeping instructor. Al Amin said, Tanzila was the trainee of the first batch of the project at the upazila level. After training, he took his brother with him and set up a farm for the production of earthworm fertilizer. His brother Shakeel has a diploma in agriculture. They are successfully producing fertilizer and selling it. This has expanded their business. Many people like Tanjila could have become successful entrepreneurs with the help of everyone including family.

Kaliganj Upazila Agriculture Extension Officer. Aktaruzzaman Mia told Prothom Alo, “I have seen the Tanjilad earthworm fertilizer production farm. They are doing well. They can be an inspiration to others.