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Taksim A Khan wants to work in the United States again

Dhaka WASA Managing Director (MD) Taksim A Khan wants to visit the US for six weeks. He has mentioned in the application sent to the local government department that he will sit on duty in the United States without giving the responsibility of MD to someone else. Although his application for this ‘virtual office’ was rejected by the Dhaka Wasa Board.

On September 7, Taksim A Khan applied for leave with the secretary of the local government department. That said, it is necessary to go to the US for treatment and to meet family members (wife, son and daughter-in-law) staying in the US. Dhaka WASA Board approved leave from August 10 to October 9 but could not go during that time due to official work. He seeks permission to visit the United States from 24 September to 4 November or for 6 weeks from the date of departure.

In the application, Taksim A Khan said that he will be on duty during his stay in the United States. During this time various branches of WASA will be in constant contact with him. And Deputy Managing Director (Operation & Maintenance) of the organization AKM Sahid Uddin will attend various meetings on behalf of MD. He mentioned in the letter that he will bear all the expenses of the trip to the United States.

The family members of Taksim A Khan, who was appointed the managing director of Dhaka Wasa in 2009, live in the United States. He stays there for a certain period almost every year to spend time with his family. He was in the United States for three months from April 25 to July 24 last year. Earlier, he was on vacation in the United States from June 11 to July 10, 2019.

This time, the Dhaka Wasa Board rejected Taksim A Khan’s application to have a ‘virtual office’ in the United States. In the last July 7 board meeting, the members strongly opposed the online performance of MD’s duties. Later he was given leave for two months. It was decided that he will be on full leave for these two months, virtually unable to perform any duties.

The members of the board are also surprised that the decision of the Dhaka Wasa Board was bypassed and a letter was sent to the Ministry of Taksim A. Khan regarding ‘online duty’. Dhaka Wasa Board Chairman Golam Mostafa told Prothom Alo that the board decided to leave. Whether he will be on duty is not known. No such decision was made at the time of grant of leave.

When Taksim A Khan was called to inquire about this, he did not pick up. Deputy Chief Public Information Officer of the organization AM Mostafa Tarek told Prothom Alo that he is not aware of the MD’s leave application.

WASA sources said Taksim A Khan issued an office order before leaving the country every time. Through that office order, he was informed about doing office online. Conducted all activities including signing documents while sitting in the United States. One would be asked to perform routine duties on behalf of the managing director.

Last year, Taksim A Khan signed the documents even while on vacation. On the other hand, Wasa Director (Development) Abul Kashem, who got the charge of MD from the Ministry of Local Government, also signed the document during his leave. Criticism of two MDs at the same time. Now the WASA board decided that Taksim A Khan will be on full leave and will not be able to perform any duties virtually.

In this regard, Additional Secretary (Water Supply) of Local Government Department. Khairul Islam told Prothom Alo that Taksim A Khan applied for leave in his own way. However, this time the decision of his leave will be in the light of the decision of the Dhaka Wasa Board.