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Religion state minister advises to eat rice bread instead of wheat

State Minister for Religion Faridul Haque Khan has advised to eat rice bread instead of wheat bread for the purpose of austerity. He also opined that wheat bread does not need to be imported, it will save foreign exchange.

State Minister for Religion Faridul Haque Khan gave this suggestion in his speech as the chief guest at the workshop on the work plans of two consulting organizations under the ‘Religious Harmony and Awareness Raising’ project organized at the Multipurpose Hall of Biam Bhavan in New Eskaton of the capital on Sunday morning.

The state minister said, ‘I will not eat, I will not eat wheat flour bread. Then I don’t have to import wheat. I will not short the foreign currency that I have. My dollar will not fall short. All of us have become restless to eat wheat flour bread. We do not eat wheat bread for three months. Do not see what happens? We will eat rice flour bread. Where is the difficulty?’

Stating that the price of goods has increased slightly in Bangladesh compared to other countries, the state minister said, “Everyone says that the price of goods has increased. Everyone says this happened, that happened. The people of Bangladesh do not understand what (how much) the price of things has increased. A little has increased here, which has created unrest in people’s minds. Where does this edible oil come from? All come from Ukraine-Russia. Today, the Ukraine-Russia war has caused chaos around the world. There is also a country where the price of one kg of rice is 500 taka. But the people of Bangladesh are still eating everything at a low price.

Faridul Haque Khan mentioned that the price of petrol has increased three times in London and said, “Today the price of petrol in Bangladesh is Tk 90. I went to London and saw that the price of petrol was one pound. The price of one pound is 110 rupees. The cost of petrol there is now £3.53. This means, 370-380 rupees per liter of petrol in London. And the government is giving us 90 rupees here. But people don’t understand anything.