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Ratul Properties Limited is providing the highest service

At the end of a busy day people return home tired. So everyone wants to arrange that house or residence in their own way. To make a permanent home of your own. That’s why everyone wants the best for the money of trouble. And while looking for the best accommodation, many times one has to be a victim of fraud. Or there are many problems in Poha. But if you are aware from the beginning, then you don’t have to face these unwanted troubles.
So, while buying land or flat, you should resort to a trusted organization, who will help you find your dream home without any hassle. One such realtor company is ‘Ratul Properties Limited’. Through this organization you will find nice accommodation according to the budget.

There is no substitute for comfort in finding modern housing – that’s what the Deputy Managing Director of Ratul Properties Limited thinks. Alinur Rahman. He said, ‘People make their biggest investment when they buy a flat or a small piece of land for themselves. So you have to proceed consciously with a little understanding. And for this, a reliable organization is needed. Ratul Properties Limited has already earned the trust of people. As we provide the highest customer service, customers’ trust and dependence on us is increasing day by day.

Since 2006, Ratul Properties Limited has been working as a marketplace for buying and selling plots, flats and commercial spaces with reputation. In keeping with modernity, the company has made its services dynamic and consumer-centric. The company also offers services like flat, plot and commercial space-related legal assistance, flat or house renovation and change of ownership through skilled manpower. Ratul Properties Limited arranges loans from banks or related financial institutions for those who want to buy flats through financial loans. It then becomes much easier for the customer to buy his own flat.
Currently, Ratul Properties is buying and selling apartments, commercial space in Gulshan, Bashundhara, Banani, Dhanmondi, Uttara, Mirpur, Banglamotor and Paltan in Dhaka. The company is planning to spread the service across the country soon.

Ratul Properties Ltd.’s notable services include – New and Old Apartments, Commercial Spaces, Land and Buildings and Duplex Apartments, Houses and Offices, all types of consultancy and arrangement as per the customer’s needs. Apart from this, Ratul Properties Limited arranges according to the review of what kind of interior the customer wants after buying the flat. That is, all property-related solutions are available at one place. For this, Ratul Properties Limited has launched a special service called ‘One Stop Solutions’.
Naeem Sharif, chief marketing officer of Ratul Properties Limited, said about the secondary market, “We are the first company in Bangladesh in the secondary market, who buy properties directly from the seller and sell them according to the exact needs of the customers.” We take into consideration the buyer’s choice and affordability and observe all the legal aspects to hand over hassle free properties. By doing this, we have been able to create a place of trust for the buyer.

Apart from this, Ratul Properties Limited has exchange services. That is, if a customer wants to change accommodation from one area to another preferred area, Ratul Properties Limited will make the whole arrangement easily. The facility or service is applicable in any area of ​​the capital. This exchange offer is done by maintaining financial balance. That is, if the price of the flat is more or less, then Ratul Properties Limited and the customer jointly complete the exchange offer by maintaining financial balance.