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Passenger services of Dhaka City Transport to be coordinated with Metrorail: Tapas

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas said that Dhaka City Transport’s passenger services will be coordinated to ensure quality service for Metrorail passengers.

This was said by Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas during an exchange with the media after visiting the bus stop on the experimental route of the bus route rationalization program in the area adjacent to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University on Wednesday around 11:30 am.

The mayor said, “This Shahbagh is a very populated and busy area. Since there will be 2 places to get off the passengers from the Metrorail, if we can coordinate the passenger services of Dhaka City Transport, then the passengers will get quality service in all cases. We have come to reconcile this and we have seen that there is no contradiction here. Here the work can be done by coordinating nicely.

Tapas said that two bus-bays or passenger shelters will be constructed in Shahbagh after the completion of the metro rail work, adding that there will be enough space for walking and one row will be reserved entirely for buses. There will be two passenger sheds for those alighting from the Metrorail to easily take the bus service and go to other destinations. One over and another over. It will take us some time to construct two passenger shelters due to metro rail. I will not build a passenger shelter here for now. When the metro rail work is completed, I will open two passenger shelters.

At that time, in response to a question from the journalists, the mayor said, “The management of everything in Dhaka city should come under a schedule.” We have issued a public notice for that purpose. We think everyone concerned will help us. Because, we want to manage Dhaka through a fair schedule. This is what the whole world does. Every city has a schedule. But Dhaka city never had any schedule. That’s what we want—a timetable for Dhaka will be fixed. We have issued a public notice for this purpose. It will be fully effective from next September. I hope everyone will cooperate in this regard.

In response to another question, Mayor Tapas said, ‘We have given maximum time to drug stores and drug services. Only, we have kept them open till 12 o’clock in different areas. And those related to hospitals, we have kept them open till two o’clock. We think it is enough. The maximum time has been given to the pharmaceutical and health care sector. After that, the mayor visited the ongoing re-dredging activities in the Adi Buriganga channel.

At that time, the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation Farid Ahmed, Executive Director of Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority Sabiha Parveen, Public Transport Expert SM Saleh Uddin, Secretary of the Corporation Akramuzzaman, Chief Engineer Saleh Ahmed, Chief Property Officer Russell Sabrin and others were present.