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Mother Farhana is looking for Madhu among the childhood children

A few days ago, five-year-old Farwah Mannan Mohammadi (Madhu) spent time laughing at the capital’s Childhood Play and Learning Center. Much of the center is now just a memory, including his paintings here and there.

Madhu died of dengue on November 6 in a private hospital in the capital. His mother, Farhana Mannan, is the founder of the Center for Teaching Children to Play and Play.

Farhana turned the grief of her daughter’s death into strength and started working again. From November 11, he is again taking children’s classes at the center. He finds his daughter Madhu among the children who come to the center.
Farhana said, ‘Honey was my strength. One honey is gone, but there are many honeys around me. Prothom Alor spoke to Farhana in her childhood in Mohammadpur of the capital on Saturday. He said, “After the death of Madhu, at first I thought, why should this happen to me?” Why did Madhu have to leave at such a young age? At some point I realized that honey came to give me strength. The journey of childhood started after the birth of Madhu. Madhu came to make her mother. So that the mother can understand, play and teach 10 more children.

Madhu was admitted to the hospital on November 3 after developing fever. Madhu could not return home after recovering from the hospital. He was buried in the family graveyard in Khulna.

Losing Madhu, her elder sister Felicia Mannan Mohammadi (Chini) is seven years old. Yesterday morning Chini came with her mother as a child.

Farhana took part in all the activities including performing the national anthem with the childhood children. Talked to the parents. He shared the pain with everyone.
Farhana said, ‘After Madhu left, I feel that if I stop my work now, then everything will be lost. The pain of losing a daughter should be carried throughout life. The sadness is inside. is dormant. But I am relieved to return to the children of childhood.

Farhana studied early child development. Sugar and honey are born during studies. He said, ‘After sugar and honey came into my life, I felt strong. I played with them as a playmate. Drenched in rain, walking barefoot on the grass, picking flowers, singing—so many memories. We had a group of three. Eating fuchka, wearing similar clothes—seeing these, everyone named our group—three daughters.’

Farhana said, what she used to read in textbooks about early child development, she would test on the two girls when she returned home. Tried to understand how effective it actually is. New ideas were born in his mind while playing with two girls. When giving time to girls, where is the power of the story, the relationship between the story and the game – these things come to mind. Then the birth of childhood.