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Mohiuddin Roni’s movement was suspended after meeting with railway officials

Mohiuddin Roni, a student of Dhaka University, who is agitating for the six-point demand to change the mismanagement of Bangladesh Railway, has announced the suspension of his sit-in program. Secretary of the Ministry of Railways on Monday. Mohiuddin held a long four-hour meeting with Humayun Kabir and Dhirendranath Majumdar, Director General of Bangladesh Railway. At the end of the meeting, he said, “Having confidence in the Prime Minister and based on the promises of the Secretary of the Ministry of Railways and the Director General of Railways, so that no third party can take advantage of my movement to create an unstable situation in the country, I am announcing the temporary suspension of my stay program.”

Mohiuddin, a fourth-year student of the Theater and Performance Studies Department of Dhaka University, started the sit-in program at Kamalapur Railway Station in the capital Dhaka on July 7 to change the mismanagement of the railways. He was also in the position on the day of Eid-ul-Azha on July 10. Students of various educational institutions including Dhaka University, lawyers of the Supreme Court and common people showed solidarity in Mohiuddin’s single movement. Last Sunday, the founder and trustee of Gonoshasthaya Kendra Zafrullah Chowdhury expressed his solidarity with him. However, Zafrullah and Mohiuddin were not allowed to enter the railway station

Mohiuddin Roni’s demands are immediate stop of passenger harassment in ticket purchase and investigation and action in cases of harassment, prevention of black market of tickets through appropriate measures, stop blocking or booking of quota tickets online and commonality in online-offline ticket purchase. Ensuring facilities, taking long-term plans for railway infrastructure development including increasing the number of trains in line with passenger demand, round-the-clock monitoring of the activities of train ticket checkers-supervisors and other officials and improving the quality of railway services by developing a strong information system and selling food at fair prices in trains, free clean water Supply and ensure hygienic sanitation system

Mohiuddin went to the political office of the Awami League president in Dhanmondi at 4 pm on Monday and submitted a memorandum containing six points of demand to the prime minister. At that time, he said, “After giving a memorandum to the railway authorities regarding the six-point demand, no effective assurance was received even after setting a time limit of 48 hours. So today I gave a memorandum to the Prime Minister. Surely the Prime Minister will give an assurance. Hopefully, these six-point demands will be implemented if the Prime Minister sees them.

Accepting Mohiuddin’s memorandum, Awami League Secretary Sayem Khan told reporters that they will send the memorandum to the Prime Minister. Shortly after this, Mohiuddin was called to the railway building by Dhirendranath Majumdar, the director general of the railways. There was a meeting on Monday from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.