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Mbappe has the chance to crush Messi’s dream and become a legend

The boy’s room was full of posters of Cristiano Ronaldo. Along with those posters, he kept some pictures of himself. If you look a little deeper, you can see that the light is coming from the face of the boy in the picture. And the round eyes are telling about many dreams. As if saying, ‘One day I will also release record after record. My speed will remind you of lightning Usain Bolt. Oh yeah, my name? Kylian Mbappe. But remember!’

Mbappe surpassed Ronaldo in many ways before he reached the age of 20. And when Ronaldo left the tunnel crying because of the regret of not being able to reach the World Cup, Seber Mbappe is dreaming of winning the second World Cup in a row.

There is only one obstacle to the fulfillment of that dream. If he can crush Lionel Messi’s dreams in today’s final, the French forward will be on the short list of superstars at the age of 23.

Mbappe was born a few days after France’s first World Cup victory. He spent his childhood in the Badin area of Paris full of riots. However, the one who was born to spread terror in the defense of the opponent on the football field, can anything else touch him! Apaya could not touch Mbappe either. It can be said that he left behind all obstacles and fears in speed. So when Mbappe is running with the ball under control, it looks like he’s not running just to score goals. His rush to this height is to answer the many accumulated anger and pain.

His teammate Jorge Valdano once said about Diego Maradona, “No ball has ever had such a beautiful experience as Maradona’s left foot.” Mbappe may have had the exact opposite experience. The ball at his feet means something devastating is likely to happen. Bomb the ball and destroy the opponent’s defense in a moment.

The Mbappe-storm that has been seen more than once in this World Cup. Let’s take Mbappe’s run for the second goal against Morocco in the last semi-final. The way the PSG star moved in with the ball at meteoric pace and rattled the opposition defense was where Morocco basically fell out of the match. Mbappe scored 5 goals equal to Messi until the final. There is a chance to win the Golden Boot. He may also be tempted by team achievements and personal milestones.

Today Argentina is so afraid of the devastating Mbappe. One of his runs from midfield could have washed away Argentina’s 36-year dream.

And who knows better than Messi how Mbappe can do the job perfectly. A similar run in 2018 knocked Argentina out of the World Cup and led the way to Buenos Aires. Even today, Mbappe’s empire will be long lasting in Messi’s saga.

Apart from that, a win in the final will answer many questions for Mbappe. He has to answer for many deprivations and pains. Four years ago, the French won their second World Cup title on Mbappe’s feet. However, Mbappé became a villain overnight after missing a penalty in the Euros.

Since then racist attacks have been his constant companion. He even thought of leaving the national team. Mbappe said, “I can’t play for people who think I’m a monkey.” I will not play in the national team.

He withdrew from the decision to give the new generation a message of not giving up. Mbappe’s victory today means the victory of youth. Those who don’t give up and want to touch their dreams with their hands, this victory will also be theirs.