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It is very hot in Sylhet and there is a possibility of heavy rain from Saturday

In the scorching heat of the day in Sylhet, misery has prevailed in public life. Although it has been raining lightly at night since the day of Eid, it is getting very hot during the day. Even in the rainy season, the heat is spreading. The maximum temperature of the day was recorded at 37 degrees Celsius in Sylhet till 4 pm on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the flood situation in Sylhet has improved. The water of the rivers of Sylhet is below the danger level except for one point. According to the Sylhet Meteorological Office, the heat wave is likely to continue till next Saturday. However, there is a possibility of rain day after day like last few days. However, there is a possibility of heavy rain from Saturday. Since then, the heat is likely to decrease.
Saeed Ahmad Chowdhury, a senior meteorologist in Sylhet, said that this is happening due to the light pressure created in the Bay of Bengal. It is becoming more concentrated. Due to this hot weather is prevailing. Temperatures are expected to drop from next Saturday. There is a possibility of heavy rain from that day.

According to the Sylhet Water Development Board (Paubo), water levels at various points in the Surma, Kushiyara and Sari rivers in Sylhet have dropped below the danger level. However, only the water of Fenchuganj point of Kushiyara river is still above danger level.

Asif Ahmed, executive engineer of Paubo Sylhet, said the river water in Sylhet is declining. Although the Kushiyara River is receding, it is not receding rapidly. The rivers of Sylhet flow through the various haors of Sunamganj. Due to the availability of water in different haors of Sunamganj, it is taking time for the water to recede.