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In the production area, the price of green chilies has crossed the double-century mark

A customer wants to know the price of one kg of green chillies in a shop of Fateh Ali Sabzi Bazar in Bogra city. At that time, the seller asked for 260 taka per kg and said, “We don’t want to price, Bindi variety of hard jala patta.” One price.

The buyer Rashed Zaman was looking at the shopkeeper in surprise after hearing the price. He said, “I bought a kg of raw chillies for 100 rupees a week ago, and after hearing this, the seller said, ‘Badla and kharat are famous for dying, but the supply in the market is low.’ The price is also high. It will increase more.

The scene was seen on Friday morning. On this day, this reporter talked to traders and buyers in the city’s Rajabazar. According to buyers, Bogra is famous as the production area of ​​green chillies. But here its price has increased by leaps and bounds. The wholesale price of vegetables has also increased in Mahasthan.

A perusal of the market revealed that even a week ago, the average price of one kg of raw chillies at the retail level was Tk 100. Now raw chillies are being sold at Tk 240 to Tk 260 per kg depending on the standard.

Golzar Ali, a seller of raw pepper in Rajabazar, said, “The price of raw pepper (pepper) has gone up since the Eid of Sacrifice.” 60 teka kg of darat for sale before Eid. That Patta Eidat scored a century in one leap. Now he has crossed the double century.

In the morning, Rajabazar and Fateh Ali Khacha Bazar were visited and found that the retailers are selling raw chillies at the rate of Tk 220 per kg. Apart from this, Bindi variety of green chilli was being sold at the rate of Tk 260 per kg. Many buyers were seen returning empty-handed after hearing the price.

Raw chillies are wholesaled in Rajabazar. An average of 50 maunds of green chillies come here for sale every day. But on Friday, pepper came in the whole market at 4 to 5 maunds.

When asked to know, wholesaler Salim Mia said that they are not getting raw chilies even with money. The farmer’s pepper field was destroyed. Many people come back after hearing the price of pepper in the market.

Shahina Begum of Katnarpara area of ​​the city came to Fateh Ali market to buy green chillies. He said, “A few days ago, a kilogram of raw chilli was available for Tk 40 to Tk 50. Now the price has increased six times. Earlier, I used to buy a kg of raw chillies from the market for Tk 50. Now due to the increase in price, 250 grams of green chillies have to be bought at 60 taka.

General Secretary of Rajabazar Traders Owners Association Parimal Prasad thinks that if we want to control the price of products in the market, the supply should be kept normal. He told Prothom Alo that the traders are not interested in importing products like green pepper due to rising dollar price. There is volatility in prices.

On Friday morning, it was found that the prices of various vegetables, including green chillies, have suddenly increased due to high demand. At the wholesale level in Mahasthan Bazar per kg raw chillies were sold at Tk 200 per kg in the morning. But a week ago it was sold at an average rate of 80 taka per kg.

The prices of other vegetables have also increased in this wholesale market. Patol, brinjal, cucumber and radish were sold at 800 maunds each, kankarol and kachumukhi 1000 maunds each, jali kumara 30 taka and chachi gourd 25 taka each.

Stating that the price has increased several times in line with the demand, Shafikul Islam, General Secretary of Mahasthan Hat Raw and Seasoned Goods Traders Association, told Prothom Alo that raw chili is sold all over the country apart from the capital Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. The demand for green chillies has increased even though the market supply is normal.