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How long will 87-year-old Noor Cheher wait for compensation?

87-year-old Noor Cheher Begum, who lost her home, is going to the administration’s door to get compensation for land acquisition 40 years ago. He does not know how long he will get this compensation. Noor participated in the public hearing of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) at the Shah Alam Bir Uttam Auditorium of Chittagong Medical College on Wednesday afternoon to express his frustration and anger. At one stage of the speech, he broke down in tears.

Noor Cheher said, “My husband died while trying to recover the money. I don’t know how long I will live. How many more years do we have to wait for the compensation money?

Noor Cheher’s son Mizanur Rahman said in the hearing that in 1980, the port authority acquired 38 percent of Noor Cheher Begum’s last property. Others get compensation money through mistake of district administration despite owning legal land. Since then, mother and son have been visiting Chittagong Port Authority and Chittagong District Administration day after day to get their fair dues. But there is no solution.
In the hearing, Chittagong Port Authority Deputy Manager (Land) Zillur Rahman said, “Land acquisition money is provided by the land acquisition branch of the district administration.” We have explained them all. Others have embezzled their compensation money by showing fake documents. There is also a case against 6 people; Which is under trial in court.
Zillur Rahman also said, ‘After knowing the matter, we had nothing to do. Legally there is no scope for compensation. Still, considering the humanitarian aspect, I arranged to give a job to a child of Noor Cheher Begum at the port.

Chittagong District Commissioner Mohammad Mominur Rahman, who was present at the hearing, said, “After he took charge, Noor Cheher came to him several times. The case against the six embezzlers is under trial. As the case is pending, there is nothing we can do. We can give him Tk 5 lakh as help from the district administration considering the humanitarian aspect.
ACC Commissioner (Investigation) was the chief guest present at the hearing. Mozammel Haque Khan said, “How the compensation money of one person was taken by other people, those involved should be identified and brought under the law.”

While returning after the hearing, Noor Cheher Begum said that in 1982, she was supposed to get compensation of 27 lakh taka. Now the price of the place has increased. Accordingly, the compensation will now be several crores of rupees. The case filed by the district administration against the six people who withdrew the money should be resolved quickly; So that he gets money. The accused have come under punishment—he wants to see it before he dies.