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Gold and Diamond prices have been rising again since Tuesday

The price of gold in the country’s market is again being increased to a maximum of Tk 1,650 per fill. The Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has decided to increase the price on Monday. As a result, it will cost Tk 8,849 to buy a good-quality gold ornament. The new gold price will be effective across the country from Tuesday.

The Bangladesh Jewelers Association announced the decision in a press release on Monday night.

Due to the increase in price, a buyer will need Tk 8,849 to buy good quality 22-carat gold from Tuesday. Apart from this, the price of 21-carat bhari will be 75,349 rupees, 18-carat bhari will be 74,570 rupees and the weight of traditional gold ornaments will be 53,629 rupees.

Until the announcement of the new price, that is, on Monday, 22-carat gold was sold at Tk 8,099, 21-carat gold was sold at Tk 83,600, and 18-carat gold was sold at Tk 83,102 and traditional gold was sold at Tk 52,605. If the new price is effective, the price of good quality 22-carat gold filling will increase by Tk 1,650, 21-carat gold filling by Tk 1,849, and 18-carat gold filling by Tk 1,456 and the traditional method of gold filling by Tk 1,224 from Tuesday.