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Even after four years, the road work has not started: Road Minister

The work of upgrading the main road of Jaipurhat city to four lanes was supposed to start four years ago. But so far the work has not started. Traffic jams on this road every day due to rush of vehicles. Temporary shops are being built on the acquired land on both sides of the road. The city dwellers are suffering.

Sources in the Roads and Public Paths (SOAZ) department said that they could not start the construction work due to design flaws. Once the revised design is approved, they will start working.

It was seen on the ground last Monday that there is a traffic jam on the road from Butter Junction to Railgate in the city. Due to this, many passengers were walking down from the vehicles. Temporary shops are coming up on both sides of the road.

Residents of the city said that the main road is not wide. But every day the pressure of vehicles and people on the road is increasing. Traffic jams are their daily companion. For about one and a half years, the structures on the acquired land on both sides of the road have been demolished. As the work of four lanes has not started, those places are sitting again with shops.

Tamanna Parveen, a housewife in Bagan area of ​​Janiya, said that there are a lot of autorickshaws and easy bikes plying in the city. The girl is caught in traffic almost every day to bring and take her to school. They have been hearing for four years that the main road will be four lanes. There is no exact address when it will be.

Alam Hossain, a rickshaw driver, said, “I just heard that the road will increase. If the road increases, it will go in one direction and another direction will come. Little work has been done to increase the road. Jinka Road is in Sikka. The joke is going on in the name of increasing the road.

According to Sauz sources, the two-and-a-half-kilometer road from the city’s Harail cemetery to the eastern part of the Jaipurhat railway gate is supposed to be four-lane. The foundation stone of the road widening work was laid on September 30, 2018. Jaipurhat-2 (Akkelpur-Kalai and Kshetlal) Constituency Member of Parliament and Jatiya Sangsad Whip Abu Saeed Al Mahmud laid the foundation stone in front of Ramdeo Bazla Government High School. 104 crores 22 lakhs have been allocated for road widening project work for land acquisition, electric pole, water line, telephone line, railway gate widening. The owners have moved their structures from the acquired land. However, the electric poles have not yet been removed and relocated.

The project was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council in 2017, according to the sources of the Joypurhat Executive Engineer’s office. Tenders were then invited for three packages. Contractors were also hired. But the contractor did not work. Later the contract with the contractor was cancelled. Then the design error of the drain was detected. It is corrected and sent to the concerned department. Now once the design is approved, a new tender will be invited and the contractor will be appointed.

Zakir Hossain, executive engineer of the district office, said that there was a drain along the four-lane road. Corrected the errors in the design of the drain and sent it for approval. They expect to be able to start the work of four lanes in October-November.