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Consumer Directorate advises eating coarse rice to stop mini kit fraud

Director General of National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate AHM Safikuzzaman advised people to eat coarse rice. He said this during an exchange of views with supershop traders and consumers at the office of the directorate at Karwan Bazar in Dhaka on Tuesday morning. Representatives of Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) and supershops like Agora, Sapna, Unimart etc. participated in it. The representatives of Supershop presented the sale price information of rice, lentils, flour, flour, semolina, salt in the meeting.

Commenting that ‘miniket’ does not actually mean rice, Safikuzzaman said, “We should get into the habit of eating coarse rice.” It is fun to eat coarse rice and there will be no opportunity to make miniket rice by eating coarse rice.

The director general of the department said that the food ministry has already announced that miniket rice fraud should be stopped. The Department of Consumer Protection will launch a drive to stop miniket rice fraud and no rice will be marketed as miniket. Miniket rice will no longer be produced if consumers are accustomed to consuming coarse rice.

1 lakh 26 thousand rupees were paid to 16 consumers out of the fines collected as a result of complaints from consumers at different times during the discussion meeting.

After the meeting, Prothom Alo contacted AHM Safikuzzaman again this afternoon. At that time, he said, analyzing the data, it was found that in some cases, supershops make 29 percent profit. It’s extra. Apart from this, supershops sell Tk 58 rice premium, packaged as Super Premium at Tk 78.

Safikuzzaman said that a group is responsible for increasing the prices on behalf of the supershops. He said that the Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection will hold a meeting with the owners of the concerned groups and supershops in a few days to know the actual situation.

Meanwhile, the directorate has called another discussion meeting on Wednesday. It will investigate the reasons for the increase in the prices of soap, detergent, toothpaste, liquid cleaners etc. The manufacturers of these products have been asked to attend the meeting with the price of the product two years ago, the price of six months ago and the current price.