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Concerns over the declining cost of living in Britain

Compared to the last two years, the impact of the epidemic is much less. As a result, it was thought that people would celebrate Eid with open arms this year. But not so in developed countries like Britain, according to a BBC report.
Markets in the Muslim-dominated region are usually crowded on the moon, but not in Leeds, UK this time around.

Abid Hossain, a businessman in Leeds, told the BBC: People are supposed to spend more during the holy month of Ramadan, but this year it has been seen that people have reduced their spending. ‘

Inflation is on the rise all over the world. Abid Hossain said that the price of everything from spices to meat, honey, dates was increasing. In other words, the price of everything needed for Iftar and Sahri was extra. That’s why people are not buying more products this year

Charity Islamic Relief UK, meanwhile, told the BBC that many families in Britain were struggling to make ends meet this Ramadan. They said the situation was due to rising prices of fuel, food and other essential commodities. As a result, they are increasing the allocation for food banks in the United Kingdom. This year’s Ramadan was the busiest time of the year for charities in the UK.

Give a Gift is just such an organization in Leeds. On the last day of Ramadan, they held an iftar in Leeds yesterday. The reality is that this iftar has to be kept open for everyone, that is, for those who have that need.

Rifat Malik, co-founder of Give a Gift, told the BBC they had been running the charity for seven years. But after the onset of the epidemic, they are seeing a kind of change. That is, now people born in Britain are also relying on government aid, who have never relied on charities before to help