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BRTA Employees Welfare Association President Ashiq, Secretary Tanjir

President of the BRTA Employee Welfare Association triennial election. Ashikur Rahman and Tanzir Hossain won the post of general secretary. The polling was held at the head office of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) at Banani in the capital on Friday.

The winners of the BRTA Employee Welfare Association will serve for the next three years.

Salmin Alam and Md won the vice president post in the election. Aminul Islam, joint general secretary. Rezaul Karim Howladar, Treasurer Secretary. Aminul Haque, organizing secretary. Mehdi Iqbal Patwari, Office Secretary Al Amin, Publicity Secretary Ibrahim Khalil Reza, Religion and Sports Secretary Md. Marnooz Rahman and Maqsuda Sultana won the post of women’s affairs secretary.

In this year’s triennial elections, candidates have been elected unopposed for four out of eleven posts. 18 candidates are contesting for the remaining 7 posts. Among them, three are fighting for the post of president. President elected in bus symbol. Muhammad Shafiqul Islam of book symbol and Md of umbrella symbol competed against Ashikur Rahman. Abdul Gaffar.

On the other hand, five people are fighting for the two posts of vice president. Md fought against the winner Aminul Islam Molla and Salmin Alam. Rustam Ali, Md. Shafiqul Islam and Md. Mamunur Rashid.

Mahfuzur Rahman and Sheikh Zaker Ullah Chowdhury contested against the winner Tanzir Hossain for the post of General Secretary, Md. Mintu Sheikh, Al Amin and Abu Saeed, religion and sports secretary Shubhra Braksha, Md. Marnooz Rahman and women editors, Maqsuda Sultana and Sanjida Khanum are contesting.

Apart from this, Rezaul Karim Howladar was elected unopposed as joint general secretary, Aminul Haque as finance secretary, Md. as organizational secretary. Mehdi Iqbal Patwari and Ibrahim Khalil Reza as Publicity Editor.