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Before the final, Argentine fans are talking in Sylhet

The fans of the team are not getting sleep in the excitement of World Cup Argentina if they win another match. How will Messi play in the final, whether Alvarez can score goals or not? And there is a pressing concern, will this time also fall into disappointment like the 2014 final. Many claim that this time there will be no repeat of the previous time, Argentina will take the coveted title. The World Cup trophy will adorn the hands of Messi. Some are also speaking in support of France in chatterbox.

Talked to Abhijit Dutta at a tea shop next to Tarapur tea garden in Sylhet Nagar around 4 pm today. Abhijit, a final year student of Sylhet’s Ragib-Rabeya Medical College, is a staunch supporter of Argentina. Abhijit was accompanied by a few other classmates in the shop known as ‘Bilu Mudir Chai Shop’. They were sitting chatting and discussing the Argentina-France final game.

Abhijeet’s classmate Ashraf Uddin is a supporter of Brazil. Said to Abhijit, “Listen, my friend, Messi will take the cup now – I want it too.” However, Argentina’s game cannot be seen with an empty face. Know in advance what you have arranged to eat.
Before Ashraf finished speaking, Argentinian Porkhawa supporter Alak Dutt patted his friend Ashraf on the back and said, “Hey, don’t worry, I’ll eat barbecue.” Argentina will take the cup this time. We will all celebrate together, and feed you barbecue.’

Tomorrow Sunday night at nine o’clock. Many supporters wearing Argentina jerseys have been spotted in Sylhet city throughout the day. Apart from this, supporters were seen hoisting new Argentine flags on many houses in the city. Sales of Argentina flags and jerseys have also increased in the past few days, vendors said.

Altab Ahmad (42) of Shibganj area of the city was buying two jerseys for children from Rahmat Ali. He said his two children are fans of Argentina. Earlier, the children did not buy the jersey. Now that the team will be playing the finals, the children could not be accommodated. Buying two jerseys for two.

Rahmat Ali (70) is sitting at Bandar Bazar intersection of the city with a flag and jersey spread. He said, Argentina’s jersey and flag have been sold more this year. Many people are buying new Argentina flags and jerseys on the occasion of the final game, even if they have bought them before. Messi’s jersey is selling more. He has sold 40 jerseys till noon today.

The children of the garden were playing football in the small field inside the Tarapur tea garden. Some of them are seen wearing Argentina jerseys with Messi’s picture on them. The game was conducted by young Shibu Mudi, a tea worker in the garden. He said, most of the people in Bagan are fans of Messi and Argentina. They watch the game on the big screen at Parkview Field next to the garden. The residents of the neighborhood organized to watch the game. While watching the game, eat muri-chanachur. At this time, some children stopped the game and started chanting ‘Messi, Messi’.

Businessman Sujan Mia (28) was having tea at Liton Mia’s tea shop in Hawapara area of Sylhet city. Later his Argentina jersey. At that time, he was discussing the World Cup game with two other young men who were by his side. This Argentinian fan said, ‘First I was disappointed to see Argentina’s game with Saudi Arabia. But hope is not lost. A team that has players like Messi can be expected. From the next match, Argentina returned to their rhythm. This year the team and Messi are playing well. I really want the World Cup to be Argentina’s this year.

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Department of Statistics student Jewel Sarkar and Political Studies student Naeem Ahmed are supporters of Argentina. Jewell said the final game between Argentina and France will be shown on big screens in the central auditorium of the campus and in the handball ground. Argentina team is in rhythm this year. Played well and reached the finals. His hope is that Argentina will win the cup after beating France.

Naeem Ahmed said, “The supporters of all the teams watch the game together in the campus. There is a lot of joy. Food is also organized on the occasion of the game. Let Messi get the World Cup – that is the hope. Still losing the game. After all, Argentina and Messi win the final – that’s what I want as a supporter.’
Ali Ahmed, a businessman from Subidbazar area of Sylhet city, invited 10 to 12 friends to his house to watch Argentina’s game. Everyone will watch the game together. For this he has arranged to cook chicken. Everyone will enjoy watching the game as well.