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Beauty’s smile with artificial limbs

Despite various adversities, a group of small and medium entrepreneurs continue to amaze us constantly. Some of them even lost several lakhs of rupees to keep their promise. Many of the entrepreneurs are making their own materials, some are trying to revive the golden fiber. Others are shining a new light with the help of technology among the most backward communities. Among such ordinary seven entrepreneurs of extraordinary six organizations have received IDLC-Prothom Alo SME Award-2022.

Beauty started her career at BRAC before the release of her degree exam results. However, he was not able to settle the debt at all. Later joined BRAC’s Center for Prosthetic Limbs. On the first day of work, he saw that not all male colleagues were interested in doing the work. Beauty Begum said, “I felt after seeing and talking to the patients that day, people will be served through this work.”

Later, 6 women workers including Beauty went to Rajasthan, India for a 100-day training for BRAC. It is there that he first learns how to assemble artificial limbs, etc. After the training, he returned to the country and got a job opportunity in the Dhaka center. In 2004, Beauty was selected for a two-and-a-half-year course at Vellore, Tamil Nadu. At that time he met colleague Monirul Islam. After the course, they returned home in 2007 and got married. In 2009, BRAC opened a center in Haiti. Monirul Islam went there.

He quit his job and rented two rooms in Shyamoli in Dhaka due to the urge to do something himself. Beauty Begum’s ‘Easy Life for Bangladesh’ journey began in January 2014 with a few months’ rent, an assistant and a cleaner with money saved in the provident fund and bank. He was further encouraged when his rent came in the first month minus the expenses.

Beauty Begum imported artificial limbs from Germany. Some of the materials to be added are custom-made at his Mohammadpur office. Exercises are performed for 5-10 days after fitting the prosthesis. For this there is a dormitory next to the office.

Started with two people, Easy Life for Bangladesh now has 25 employees. It also has two branches in Barisal and Comilla.

Beauty Begum said, if the kit components for making artificial limbs were available in the country, then many more people could have been given a new life by restoring mobility. He believes that in the future someone will come forward in this work.