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As soon as he came to the city from the village, he started shouting

Before Iftar on Saturday in the Sadarghat area of ​​the capital, Ansar Ali demanded 100 rupees for each coconut in his van. At that time he was surrounded by about 10 buyers. The only request of the buyers to the seller is to keep the price a little lower. But Ansar Ali is adamant. His answer is ‘one hundred at a time. There is no time to talk.
In the meantime, I asked Ansar Ali why the price is so high. Expressing some annoyance, he said, “A little while ago, each dab was sold for Rs 110-120. Now the price is a little less during Iftar, 100 rupees. According to him, he is giving some discounts on prices during Iftar.
Not only Sadarghat but also several areas and markets of the capital have been visited. So the price goes up. Each dab is being sold at 80 to 120 rupees depending on the size in different markets of the capital.
Due to the month of Ramadan, the sale of coconut is less from morning to noon. From noon to evening, the sale of coconuts is quite popular. Ashraful Islam sells dabs in the Maghbazar area of ​​the capital. He bought these dabs from Karwan Bazar and sold them in the streets of Maghbazar. He finished selling these dabs before Iftar. Talked to him last Friday. I wanted to know what is the price of coconut? After hearing the question, Ashraful’s quick reply was, ‘I used to buy a small size dab for 35-36 rupees, now it is 48 rupees. As the demand for coconut has increased in the intense heat, the price has also gone up suddenly. ‘
The month of Ramadan has been associated with the intense heat of Chaitra. The demand is a little higher and the wholesalers are taking it as an opportunity, said the retailer Ashraful Islam. “Even at the beginning of Ramadan, the price of coconut was tolerable,” he said. Suddenly, among other things, the price of coconut went up. If we want to see some profit after deducting all our expenses, we have to sell one dab for 60 rupees. ‘
Rocky Enterprise Manager, a wholesale trader of coconut in the caravan market. Sagar Hossain said, “This time the demand is less than the demand.” Due to this, the price is high. I used to sell dab for 60 rupees, now I have to sell it for 75 rupees.