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A video of a Chinese girl crying because she doesn’t have a boyfriend is going viral

A video of a Chinese girl crying because she doesn’t have a boyfriend has gone viral. The video spread on Chinese social media Weibo has received quite a response. Social media users have expressed sympathy for the condition of the young woman.

According to a report by the UK-based media Independent, the video went viral at the beginning of this week. In the video, it can be seen that the young woman is talking to her husband on a video call. He was talking about the amount of pressure he has to deal with while working every day. At one stage she is heard saying, ‘I have never held a man’s hand.’

The young woman tried many ways to find a suitable partner. At one point even went on a dating site. But even there he did not meet his loved ones. The young woman lives with her family in Sahangi town. His parents talk to him every day about finding a partner, which makes him feel some pressure. He was telling these things to Bhabhi in a video call.

The South China Morning Post reported on such an emotional video call of the young woman. According to their report, many people commented under the video of the young woman from Shanghai. Most of the comments expressed sympathy for the young woman.

One user wrote, ‘I am two years younger than him. Because of this, I can relate to his concerns very deeply.’ Another user commented, ‘I am also struggling like him. Sometimes my parents put me under such pressure.

Chinese young women have very little time to enjoy personal time due to busy work. For this reason, in 2019, two Chinese companies organized annual leave for their female employees. They announced 8 days of ‘dating leave’ in a year for unmarried 30-year-old women workers.

Huang Ling is the manager of the human resources department of such an organization. She told a local newspaper, “Most women workers are busy with internal work. Because of this, they do not have much opportunity to communicate with the outside world. For these reasons, I announced additional holidays for them. In this they get a chance to talk with people of the opposite sex.