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50 crore rupees of 300 people in the name of investment, mother and son arrested

RAB has announced the arrest of two people on the charge of extorting Tk 50 crore from more than 300 people in Sherpur in the name of investing in various businesses.
The two were arrested on Tuesday morning from a house in Rajuk Uttara Apartment Project area of ​​Turag, Dhaka. They are Kamruzzaman Sujan (40) and his mother Kamrun Nahar Hashem (61). RAB said, both were absconding for a long time. Both are convicted convicts.

RAB-1 said in the press release, Kamruzzaman is the chairman of an organization named Babar & Company (Pvt.) Limited. He has 32 arrest warrants in his name as well as three warrants. The court also has an arrest warrant against his mother Kamrun Nahar as he was convicted in three cases.

It is mentioned in the circular that the founder of Babar & Company (Pvt.) Limited was Kamruzzaman’s father Abul Hashem. In the name of this institution, there are several institutions including two auto brickfields, three filling stations, an auto rice mill, poultry farm on 36 acres of land. The mother and son used to accept huge sums of money in advance from the common people with the lure of making a profit by investing in these businesses. At one stage, after Kamruzzaman escaped to Dhaka, ordinary people put a human chain and gave a memorandum to Sherpur Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police demanding his arrest. Besides, they filed several cases in the court. The court issued 35 arrest warrants against Kamruzzaman and 3 against his mother.

Victims file a complaint with RAB-1 and seek legal assistance. According to RAB, it was possible to arrest the two by investigating the shadow.

According to Ghatal Block sources, thirty-five year old Bharatbabu joined the Ghatal Block office as treasurer in 2006. According to sources, the Shallow Tubewell and Water Lift Scheme (RLI) under the Irrigation and Waterways Department of the state government has been providing irrigation to farmers for many years. There are 25 such government projects in Ghatal block. In 12 panchayats of the block, the farmers who cultivate under government irrigation facilities under this scheme have to pay water tax. The staff of the concerned department collects the fixed amount of tax from the cultivators after irrigation in different seasons and submits it to the block treasurer. If the treasurer deposits it through the bank according to the rules, then naturally the government money is supposed to go directly to the Ghatal treasury office when it is deposited in the bank.