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1-minute journey takes 22 minutes

Mehdi Hasan’s son is giving SSC exam now. Written exam done, now practical exam. Mehdi’s son’s center is in Lakshmipur Girls’ School. Last Monday afternoon Mehdi gave a status on the social media Facebook. In the status he wrote, ‘It takes 22 minutes to reach Lakshmipur Girls’ School from Rajshahi Medical College Gate on Easybike. But if the road is empty, you can go in a minute.

Not only Mehdi, but everyone traveling through Lakshmipur area of ​​Rajshahi Nagar is suffering now. Lakshmipur is locally known as Hospital Para. Local people said, starting from Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, most of the city’s private hospitals and diagnostic centers have been built in this area. Except two private hospitals have no parking facility. The footpaths of this area have been abandoned for a long time. A portion of the road is occupied by hired ambulances and microbuses. The work of dividing the road is going on. As a result, construction material trucks are coming and going. Many trucks occupy the road while unloading again.

On Tuesday at 11:30 am, it was seen that an ambulance carrying patients from Jhautla junction could not come to the Rajshahi Medical College Hospital road due to the crowd. Salma Begum is walking with Nanad Amena Begum in front of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. Their house is in Harian area of ​​Paba Upazila of Rajshahi. Salma said, there is a lot of traffic on the road. For this he is walking down from the rickshaw with Nanda. Pain in the feet of nuns. Came for his treatment and fell into this danger.

Near the city’s Lakshmipur Girls’ School, it can be seen that the beautification material for the road divider is being unloaded from a truck. The truck occupied more than half of the road. SSC candidates are in trouble for this. Yesterday was the practical test of chemistry. Some students wearing school uniforms are seen running through the traffic.

Noor Islam, Chief Engineer of Rajshahi City Corporation said, they have a rule that trucks cannot enter the city from 8 am to 10 pm. The matter is the responsibility of the traffic police. A truck terminal was built, no trucks go there. Now they don’t seem to go there even if they make alternative places for these microbuses or ambulances.

Anirban Chakma, Deputy Commissioner of Rajshahi Metropolitan Traffic Police, said that the development work of the City Corporation is going on there. City corporation trucks are bringing goods. If the trucks are not allowed in, the development will be further delayed. Suffering will also increase. For this, he works in coordination with the corporation.